Room layout in the central area

Both houses have almost identical floor plans and room layouts. In the lower house, the kitchenette with the kitchen island is visually separated from the long dining table by the fireplace partition. In the upper house, on the other hand, everything is open-plan and the fireplace is located on the outside wall. As a result, the kitchen is slightly larger in the upper house with the U-shaped kitchen unit. However, the kitchen appliances are identical in both kitchens.

Room layout of the flats

The size and layout of the suites is identical in both houses, as the floor plan does not differ in this respect. Each house has two sea view suites and two mountain view suites, each with a large en-suite bathroom. The suites are approx. 60-80 square metres in size over two levels for up to four people. On the ground floor, each suite has a 180x200 double bed and on the upper floor, which is accessible via a staircase, there are two further sleeping areas, either as a 160x200 double bed or two single beds. In the four sea view suites, the upper sleeping area is spatially separated; in the four mountain view suites, it is an open gallery area. The best way to see this is on this tour video.

Arrival and departure times

Our cleaning team always starts with the lower house at 10:00 am on the day of the guest changeover and usually needs 3 hours per house. Therefore, on the day of departure, the lower house must be vacated by 10:00h at the latest, the upper house by 12:00h. Arrival can take place from 13:00h in the lower house and from 16:00h in the upper house.

Security of advance payment

If you book via one of the renowned booking portals such as Airbnb, Fewo-Direkt or VRBO, you always have a guarantee because the advance payment is only transferred to us after arrival. This payment security is virtually part of the booking fee. But even if you book directly with us and thus save the service fee, you don't have to worry. Unlike many other finca rental companies, we are very solidly financed with a share capital of 2.3 million euros. You can verify this on the relevant company information portals, e.g. here. There you can also see that our company has been in existence since 2003.

Shopping facilities

In Portocolom there is a large Eroski supermarket with a cheese and fresh meat counter and fresh fish, as well as a good bakery in the Hipercentro next door.

In Manacor you will find all the large supermarkets, Aldi and Lidl as well as the Spanish chains Eroski, Mercadona and Hipercentro and the organic market chain Agromart with regional products. Most supermarkets are open daily from 08:30 to 21:00 or even longer, sometimes only until 14:00 on public holidays. You can find the exact opening times on Google Maps. The supermarkets usually also sell fresh baked goods, especially in the Hipercentro. If you prefer to buy from a traditional bakery, you should search for "Forn" on Google Maps. The two nearest bakeries are in Son Macia and Cala Murada. Delicious breads and a large selection of regional cheeses, sausages and fruit can also be found at the weekly markets.

Waste disposal

In Spain, waste is separated into four types: glass, paper, plastic and residual waste. There are bins for paper, plastic and glass in the entrance hall of both houses. The residual waste bin is under the sink in the kitchen. The rubbish is not collected, however, but is collected in large containers at central collection points. The nearest collection point is below the fincas at the Can Gusti restaurant. In Manacor there is a large collection point on the left at the entrance to the town. If you are unable to dispose of the rubbish yourself, e.g. because you do not have a hire car, please ask our team on site. They will be happy to do it for you. Please never leave rubbish bags outside the front door. Small almond rats live in the fields on Mallorca and feed on falling almonds. Food odours occasionally bring them close to houses, which you want to avoid.

Rental car, shuttle or taxi

You can find our car hire recommendations here. The prices quoted are for the low season. Prices vary greatly depending on the season. They can be surprisingly cheap in winter and very expensive around public holidays. However, the basic principle applies to all seasons.

Most car hire companies also offer hybrid or purely electric vehicles . Both companies therefore have charging stations where you can charge electric vehicles free of charge from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. using climate-neutral solar power. The charging current flows at up to 6kW. You can use this to calculate the charging times for your vehicle. For a trip to Palma, you will need around 30kW for 150km. Accordingly, you need to calculate 5 hours of charging time to fully recharge the batteries afterwards. Hybrid vehicles usually only have an electric range of 50-60 kilometres. This is still enough for a trip to Manacor or Santanyi. The most common electric vehicles on offer are the BMW i3, Fiat 500e, Dacia Spring, Renault Zoe and Smart EQ. Some car hire companies allow them to be returned with at least 20% battery charge, while others require the charge level to be the same as when the car is picked up. Hybrid vehicles, on the other hand, must be returned with a full tank of petrol, just like combustion cars. When choosing a hybrid vehicle, make sure that it is a plug-in hybrid. Only then will there be a charging connection. Many of the hybrid hire cars on offer do not have a charging connection, so they are actually combustion engines that run on electric power at times. This applies to almost all Toyota models, whereas a Jeep Renegate 4Xe is a plug-in hybrid.

Guests who want to spend most of their time at the finca anyway, such as for company workshops and yoga retreats, can also book airport shuttles or taxis . This doesn't cost the earth, e.g. from €80 for a 7-seater one-way.

For larger groups, we recommend booking a minibus, e.g. with ROIG. You can book a return journey for 16 people for less than €300. When booking online, you should specify Cala Murada or Calas de Mallorca, the two towns that are closest. Just like rental cars, you can cancel the buses free of charge up to 24 hours before departure. For the pick-up time at the airport, please bear in mind that you will need about an hour from landing and baggage collection until you are outside where the buses are waiting for you. The buses only wait one hour from the booked pick-up time. However, if you call well in advance, you will usually be given a new pick-up time if your flight is delayed.

Catering service

If you want to make the most of your holiday, retreat or company workshop without the hassle of shopping and still enjoy excellent Mediterranean cuisine, we can organise a cook or a complete catering service for you, who will shop and cook for you according to your wishes and occasions. This can be on a daily basis or just for a special occasion. You discuss everything directly with the catering service and settle the bill on the spot.

Kitchen equipment

Both kitchens have a comprehensive range of kitchen appliances:

- A Nofrost refrigerator for food with separate freezer integrated into the kitchen unit

- A large SMEG fridge for drinks incl. ice compartment

- An induction hob with 4 hobs

- Dishwasher

- Oven

- Microwave oven

- Nespresso machine

- Portafilter espresso machine

- Filter coffee machine

- Toaster

- Juicer

- Blender

There is also sufficient cutlery, crockery, glasses and pots for 20 people in the lower house and 24 people in the upper house, so that larger groups can also be cooked and served on site. There is also break-proof crockery for children.

Baby cots and highchairs

In addition to the normal beds, there are also four cots and highchairs available, which we can provide if required. Before your arrival, we will enquire about the distribution of guests between the houses and suites so that everything is prepared for you accordingly. You can also let us know if you require baby cots.

Shared meals in large groups

There are two extendable teak tables for 12-14 people on both terraces. If larger groups need to eat together on a terrace, tables from the flats can be added so that up to 24 people can be seated. The same is also possible inside the upper house.

Events, weddings, celebrations

Due to the noise protection agreements we have made with the neighbours, events such as weddings, birthday and anniversary celebrations in the outdoor area are only possible by prior arrangement and under the conditions of our house rules. Our neighbours live in Mallorca all year round and do not tolerate noisy groups. In addition, the property borders directly on a nature reserve, which we want to preserve undisturbed. We have therefore drawn up some house rules so that everyone can enjoy this beautiful part of the island undisturbed.

Distance to the beach

The nearest beaches are Cala Domingos, around 4 kilometres away. You can reach it in less than 10 minutes by car or in 15 minutes by mountain bike downhill, then back uphill depending on your fitness. Numerous other beaches can also be reached in about 15 minutes, such as Cala Romantica in the north or Cala Marcal in Portocolom. See the description of the beaches in the area here.

Pool questions

The pool is maintained all year round and can also be used in winter, although it is not heated because at 15 metres long it is too large for this. From May to the end of October, it still has a pleasant temperature so that children can also swim. However, the sea is warmer than the pool in autumn and vice versa in spring.

The pool is operated as an environmentally and skin-friendly saltwater pool, meaning that chemicals are largely not used. The salt content is 10 times lower than in the sea for a pleasant bathing experience and less skin irritation. You can read here why saltwater pools have great advantages over conventional chlorine-disinfected pools.

Distance between the houses

The distance is approx. 100 metres. There is a pool and garden between the houses. You can see this clearly on the aerial photos.

Yoga equipment

We provide up to 20 yoga mats and yoga blocks for yoga groups.

Workshop equipment

We provide the following equipment free of charge for company workshops:

- Flipchart

- Presentation case with cards, pens and stickers

- Samsung 55-inch UHD Display Series 7000 with HDMI connections

Intermediate cleaning

Final cleaning is included in the rental price. For bookings of two or more weeks, interim cleaning is also included free of charge. You can book additional intermediate cleanings as required, e.g. only bathrooms and kitchen for 100€/house or entire houses for 200€/house. You can also make individual arrangements with the cleaning team on site and then pay €15/hour.

Towels and beach towels

One small and one large towel are provided per guest. Towels are changed in the middle of the stay for weekly bookings. If more frequent changes are required, please enquire with the team on site. Large beach towels are also available on request, but will not be changed. We want you to travel with as little CO2 as possible and with as little luggage as possible. Our fincas are powered by climate-neutral solar energy and the waste water is used for watering the garden so that it can be recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

Heating regulation and air conditioning

The houses are fully equipped with underfloor heating and are regulated automatically and energy-efficiently. The two central living areas of the houses are always heated to 20 degrees in winter, which feels pleasantly warm with underfloor heating. There are different settings depending on the weather, but we control them centrally via an app to control the room temperatures efficiently. If something needs to be corrected, send us a WhatsApp message and we will try to adjust the settings according to your wishes. There are room thermostats next to the entrance door in the flats, which are set to 20 degrees as standard and heat the bathrooms in the morning and evening. You can regulate this yourself as you wish. The sleeping area is not heated as standard and usually has a pleasant sleeping temperature of 18 degrees in winter. If you would like the sleeping area to be warmer, our team can adjust the heating valves for each flat accordingly.


We are often asked when the best time to visit Mallorca is or what conditions you can expect at different times of the year. Mallorca has something special to offer for almost every taste and in all seasons. We love the tranquillity of winter with secluded beaches, local markets and fiestas, with time and leisure to explore the island. Or the low season in spring and autumn, when the temperatures are pleasant for all kinds of activities. Mallorca is actually too crowded in July/August, but the guaranteed sunshine and pleasant water temperatures make you forget that. Especially when you can enjoy the peace and quiet by your own pool with the right drink after a visit to the beach. So here are our very personal experiences and recommendations, without any guarantee of course.

Early December to mid-February: Very sunny, daytime temperatures of 20 degrees, from mid-January it's more like 15 degrees, which feels like 20 degrees on the wind-protected and sunny south-facing terraces. Hardly any rain, but cool at night, so heating is necessary.

Mid-February to the end of March: The real winter on Mallorca, comparable to spring in Germany. Sunny days alternate with cooler days. In rare cases, there may even be snow in the mountains. However, holidaymakers in Mallorca enjoy the contrast to the dark winter in Germany and the island is almost free of mass tourism, so you can enjoy it with the locals. It rains from time to time, but rarely continuously. The nights are cool, so heating is a constant requirement. In the second half of March, however, daytime temperatures often rise to 20 degrees again.

April: Temperatures rise steadily again and are reliably around 20 degrees during the day from mid-April. It is still cool at night because the sea is still cold. Hardly any rain, only the first week of April can still be changeable and is difficult to predict.

May: One of the most beautiful months in Mallorca because everything is in bloom and the days are sunny and warm. The nights are also warmer now, so you can get by without heating and enjoy dinner on the terrace in the evening. It rains from time to time, but rarely for long.

June: Like May, June is very pleasant, reliably above 20 degrees during the day and close to 20 degrees at night. It hardly ever rains. Because it is light and warm for long periods in the evening, you can enjoy dinner on the terraces. The sea is also pleasantly warm now. The island is still green in the first half of June. But because it hardly rains, the landscape appears dry from the second half of June and remains so until the end of August.

July/August: The hot summer months with guaranteed sunshine. During the day, the temperature reliably rises to 30 degrees or more, at night it rarely falls below 20 degrees. It hardly ever rains, only at the end of August can there be brief but heavy thunderstorms. Then it can also rain heavily for a short time, but usually only for 2 hours. After that, it is sunny and warm again.

September: Like May, this is a very pleasant low-season month on Mallorca, as the heat slowly subsides, but it is still reliably warm and sunny. The sea is still as warm as it was in July/August, but the landscape suddenly turns bright green due to the short rainstorms that started at the end of August. These heat storms continue throughout September until the sea has cooled down a little. They are always very short but heavy downpours. They can even lead to dangerous torrents and flooding, as sometimes 50 litres or more fall per hour.

October: When it is already getting darker and colder in Germany, summer in Mallorca usually lasts until the end of October. Only the onset of darkness from 8 pm reminds you that it is autumn. Temperatures are very pleasant between 20 and 25 degrees during the day and only slightly below 20 degrees at night. It can be hazy in the mornings and you can see the dew caused by the high humidity when the warm sea meets cooler temperatures at night. That's why the flowers are blooming everywhere again. Otherwise, however, there is much less rain than in September because the heat storms are over.

November: There are still many beautiful sunny days, but November (along with September and Feb/March) is the real rainy month on Mallorca. Unlike in September, the rain is not short and heavy, but evenly distributed throughout the day or night. Nevertheless, you can enjoy the contrast to the dark and cold and wet time in Germany, as the sun still prevails and it remains relatively warm. You can still have breakfast on the sunny terrace and swim in the sea. The sea only cools down noticeably in December as the night-time temperatures drop. We often experienced one bad week and three very sunny weeks in November. So you have to be a bit lucky. From December onwards, there is little rain again and the sunny days dominate.